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Frequently Asked Questions

Research Block offers a quick reference guide to commonly asked questions. We provide transparency, accuracy, and informative links to help you along the way. Whether you are a consumer, supplier, cultivator, or any other industry leader for food production, CBD oil, or nutraceuticals, we know you will find this to be useful.

Question: How far in advance can I print the certification marks for my product labels?


Answer: Research Blocks use dynamic QR codes for our certification mark. This means that you can print and apply the mark any time before you create the product. All the data will automatically be linked once the batch is actually created. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Question: What if I do all the lab testing myself and do not have CoAs to share?


Answer: Our software application platform will automatically generate CoAs for you, based on the Finished Product Specifications and require ingredient lab tests. You are able to share the CoAs generated by our system or provided by raw ingredient suppliers, or both. Check out our platforms for industries of food production, nutraceuticals, CBD oil, and for suppliers and cultivators.

Question: I'm looking for inventory management and production management software. Is there a requirement to use your certification mark?


Answer: The certification mark is completely optional. You are able to take advantage of our blockchain-based production system without sharing data with your consumers. Check out our video to learn more about our Research Block system.

Question: What is blockchain technology?


Answer: Blockchain is a new way to store and secure data. It can be thought of as a chain of blocks. Each block contains specific data and is chained to the block preceding it. Blocks can always be added to the chain; however, the blockchain is designed for restricting the data to be altered or removed. This ensures the data to be permanent and secure. Please refer to the Blockchain section for more information.

Question: What is the smallest size I can print a QR code?


Answer:  Generally, the smallest size is about 1cm x 1cm. However, for our system, we recommend QR codes no smaller than 1.5cm x 1.5cm to ensure clear visibility from most smart phones. Learn more about our exclusive QR Code.

Question: Do you integrate Quickbooks and other software applications?


Answer:  Yes, we can integrate with a variety of software applications. Please contact us for inquiries with specific requests. Our innovative software applications platform capabilities are designed to assist you with all your processes.