It is well known that the FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplements before they go to market. This means dietary supplements are safe until proven to be unsafe and the general population is used as guinea pigs. This includes protein powders, vitamins, CBD oil, and even food production in general. 


With the lack of transparency in the dietary supplement, CBD oil, and food markets, how can we know which consumables and supplements to trust when all these products are labeled as quality and trustworthy?


At Research Blocks, we understand the effort and pain of having to do the research on the quality of ingredients and the quality of dietary supplements overall. That is why we invented a blockchain-enabled software platform to track and audit the production process and share the information about the purity of ingredients, processes used, and related scientific research with consumers. With Research Blocks, consumers will now know which brands and manufacturers to trust.


Look for products labeled with Research Blocks’ certification mark and simply scan the code with your phone to access all the related data. Additionally, you can view our list of trusted manufacturers for each industry on our website. At Research Blocks, we know the future of consumables is rooted in transparency and how important your health is to you. This is why we are doing what we can to ensure quality and safe products entire the market.