Consumers, like you, are demanding to know where their consumables come from, how they are cultivated, and the supplement quality of ingredients used. The FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplements before they are sent out to distributors and suppliers. Dietary supplements are considered safe until proven not to be, meaning consumers are used as testers; in other words, guinea pigs. CBD oil is becoming highly prevalent and used to treat a wide range of ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. As CBD oil is becoming more available, the FDA does not have a regulatory compliance for CBD. It is hard for consumers to distinguish the safe and unsafe products that are cultivated from the bad ones. Additionally, consumers are looking for ingredients in their food that they can trust will not harm them and choosing to exclude ingredients such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and harmful chemical additives.that are not produced with quality checks. 

With the lack of transparency in dietary supplements, CBD oil, and food markets, how can consumers know which products to trust when all consumables and supplements are labeled as quality and trustworthy products?

Research Blocks understands the effort and pain of having to do the research about the ingredients and quality of supplements you are looking to purchase. 

This is why blockchains are important to incorporate for the safety of the consumer, because the manufacturer is held accountable and maintains their ranking as the most reputable supplement companies. Research Blocks created a blockchain logistics software platform to track and audit the production process that shares all the information about the quality of ingredients, processes used, and related scientific research with consumers.  

Products labeled with Research Blocks’ quality mark are easy to use. Scan the code with your phone to access all the related data to ensure you are consuming the best quality supplement brands and products. With the code, you can also view our list of trusted manufacturers for each industry. Research Blocks knows the future of supplement quality must be rooted in transparency for the consumer’s demand for healthy and safe consumables. We exist to ensure accountability of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers. We strive to inform consumers about the products they are using and how they are manufactured.