About Research Blocks._

Headquarted in Gainesville, Florida, Research Blocks is a software company focused on creating transparency and credibility in various health-related industries. We have developed and are implementing a patent pending duel ledger system to track and timestamp the manufacturing process and openly share that process with consumers. This will verify the quality of products in the market and give those products labeled with the Research Blocks’ quality mark a competitive advantage.

Research Blocks utilizes cloud-computing and blockchain technology to provide innovative software solutions to three key industries: dietary supplements, CBD oil, and food. These three industries are paramount to health and are filled with regulatory “grey areas” which leads consumers to view even the most quality manufacturers as untrustworthy. With Research Blocks’ software, manufacturers can openly share and verify the sources and quality of ingredients, certificates of analysis, quality checks, and related scientific facts.

All data shared with consumers is backed and timestamped by the utilization of blockchain technology. Meaning this data is unalterable and quality can be ensured. Not only will the utilization of blockchain technology ease the concerns of consumers but it will also allow manufacturers to easily stay FDA and GMP compliant. On top of this, Research Blocks’ cloud-based platform makes it easy to document and audit the manufacturing process in real-time.

At Research Blocks, we understand that the future of manufacturing is rooted in transparency. Implement Research Blocks’ solution today and prove that you are a quality manufacturer that can be trusted.